Marlin Energy Partners LP ("The Fund") is a private equity fund managed by Marlin USA Energy Partners LLC (“Marlin Energy”). The Fund will invest up to $250 million directly in the exploration and production of oil and gas reserves by purchasing non-operated interest primarily across the south and southwest United States; Marlin Energy is headquartered in Houston, Texas.


Michael Robinson | Mr. Robinson, President and Portfolio Manager, is responsible for evaluating Marlin’s projects and managing the project portfolio. He previously served as President of Gulf Coast Midwest Energy Partners. During his tenure, he managed projects valued at more than $100 million across multiple funds. Under his direction, Gulf Coast discovered hydrocarbons across the south and southwest United States. Mr. Robinson has 30 years of experience as an independent operator, investor, and mineral owner. Prior to Gulf Coast, he was SVP of Ventum Energy in Houston, TX, VP of Pace Global Energy in Fairfax, VA, and VP of The Eastern Group in Alexandria, VA.

Lori Burke | Ms. Burke, Chief Financial Officer, is responsible for accounting and finance operations. She most recently served as the CFO of Gulf Coast Midwest Energy Partners from inception through 2015. Ms. Burke has over 20 years of experience running financial operations, including financials, tax, risk management and insurance, for high nine-figure firms ranging from luxury hotels to chemical manufacturing and oil and gas exploration.

Deborah Sacrey | Ms. Sacrey, Geologist & Geophysicist, has over 41 years of experience and currently works in both conventional and unconventional geological settings throughout Texas and Oklahoma. She specializes in 2D and 3D interpretation by utilizing proprietary algorithms built around the Kingdom software platform. Ms. Sacrey is also co-developing a software platform for multi-attribute neural analysis of seismic data. She is a DPA Certified Petroleum Geologist #4014 and DPA Certified Petroleum Geophysicist #2. She belongs to AAPG, SEG, PESA (Australia), SIPES, Houston Geological Society, South Texas Geological Society, and the Oklahoma City Geological Society (OCGS).

John Watkins | Mr. Watkins, Exploration Manager & Geologist, has over 35 years of oil and gas experience in multiple basins throughout Texas using modern geophysical techniques as well as traditional sub-surface methods. He has managed and generated projects for the Cullen Family of Houston for more than 25 years. Mr. Watkins is an expert in prospect evaluation, prospect generation, acreage/mineral evaluation and management.

John McNeeley | Mr. McNeely, Geologist & Geophysicist, has over 47 years experience in oil and gas exploration. He has been employed by and consulted for both independent and major oil and gas companies. Mr. McNeely is an emeritus member of the American Association of Petroleum Geologists, and a member of the Alumni Advisory Council for the School of Geology and Geophysics at the University of Oklahoma.

Andrew Hampf | Mr. Hampf, Geologist & Geophysicist, has over 35 years experience in generating, developing, evaluating, and marketing economically viable oil and gas prospects in the onshore and offshore Gulf Coast region. He has been involved with several significant field discoveries in Texas, Louisiana, and Mississippi. Mr. Hampf is a certified Professional Geologist in AIPG, AAPG, SIPES, a certified member of the Texas Board of Professional Geosciences and a Certified member of the Mississippi Board of Registered Professional Geologists.

Jeffrey Lam | Mr. Lam, Petroleum Engineer, has over 42 years experience conducting engineering reviews on acquisition and divestiture as well as opportunities and drilling prospects. He provides reserve reports (SEC, PRMS and fair market value reports), field studies for support of exploratory/development programs, and supervises field operations. Mr. Lam is a licensed Professional Engineer in the State of Texas and a member of the Society of Petroleum Engineers.

Thomas Milstead | Mr. Milstead, Petroleum Engineer, has over 40 years experience in the field providing services including management of drilling, completion, workover, production, land and regulatory, as well as environmental functions domestically and internationally. He is a licensed Professional Engineer in the State of Texas and a Member of the Society of Petroleum Engineers. Mr. Milstead is also a member of Houston Producers Forum and Independent Petroleum Association of America.

T. Kelley Erwin | Mr. Erwin, Certified Petroleum Landman, has over 36 years in the oil and gas industry.  He has a wide range of expertise including oil and gas exploration and production, and facilitating the acquisition and disposition of oil and gas royalties and working interests.  Mr. Erwin co-founded Crewland Research, leading a team of more than thirty landmen performing land and title work for clients throughout Texas.